Beginning Spinning Lessons

Curious about how to spin wool into yarn? It’s wonderfully relaxing and ends with beautiful skins of yarn…what could be better than that?

Learn the basics of wheel operation and maintenance, treadling, drafting, and spinning yarn. We’ll cover the pros and cons of different fiber types and practice spinning different types of wool preparations.

Small lessons and private one-on-one lessons are available in Dublin, California. We can work on your wheel or use one of the wheels in the fiber studio here.

Going through a series of lessons in everything from what to look for when selecting fiber, fiber preparation to spinning singles, then plying them into yarn.

Learn to spin on a few different wheels to find the style that feels most comfortable to you including a Ashford Kiwi 2, Schacht Sidekick, Schacht Flatiron and a Schacht Matchless.

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