About Cottontail Farms

angora_logo2Cottontail Farms is a new and small indoor rabbitry located in Northern California. Although I don’t breed any longer, Cottontail farms is involved in Rabbit rescue. All bunnies  img_2483are all in house rabbits. Each cage is cleaned daily and every rabbit gets household run time privileges. Between frequent cleanings, a constant air cleaner/filter and mix of cuddle and run time, we’re a small but happy rabbity.

Started by a spinner with a love for the best and the softest luxury fiber, I discovered the amazing German Angora rabbit. Spinning yarn from this sweet creature is a treat beyond any other. If you’re lucky enough to knit, crochet or weave with this fantastic yarn, you’ll find a new appreciation for this wonderful craft.

Cottontail farms sells 100% angora fiber and luxury fiber blends. img_2354

The sweet angora rabbits are gently sheared every 90 days. This is very important to bunny health.

This is this essential for a healthy German Angora bunny,

After a shearing they happily run and jump and enjoy the freedom that comes with having short hair.     img_2474

My shearing  philosophy is to leave a little more fiber on the bunny to ensure the safety of the bunny during shearing. The happiness and safety of these sweet animals are always my first priority.

Cottontail Farms is a home for healthy, happy bunnies.  file-feb-15-12-32-24-pm