About Cottontail Farms

angora_logo2 Cottontail Farms is a small indoor rabbitry located in Northern California.  But it is also a plan in motion.

Can a single, over 50 year old woman escape the corporate life and retire early to a small fiber farm and homestead? Well of course! Perhaps a little daunting, and what seems like an endless number of steps, but it’s exactly the catalyst for Cottontail Farms. img_2483

It started with a passion for spinning yarn and all things fiber arts. The next step was adopting one, then two…and now three, beautiful German Angora Rabbits. The rabbits (including my two rescue cottontails) are all house rabbits. Each cage is cleaned daily and every rabbit gets household run time privileges. With twice a day changing cages (I call them Condo’s), feedings, cuddles and run time, there’s usually not a lot of quiet downtime.

So this is a journey, to go from a 20-year corporate career with an exhausting three hour a day Bay Area commute, to a simpler life.

With a target date of less than four years away, it’s a lot of eduction to fit into three years.    img_2354


Unfortunately, giving up competitive country dancing is one of those hard choices. There’s simply not enough time and funds to both get a small homestead up and going and keep up with the dance schedule.

A master of crochet and the certified crochet teacher program, as well as teaching spinning, purchasing just the right spot of land, preparing to adopt both alpacas and sheep, is a pretty wonderful trade off.

Cottontail farms proud to be a member of the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB)