Teaching Individual and Small Group Classes

Learn Spinning

Beginning Spinning
The basics of spinning wheels, how to use them, what are their parts & of course…how to spin!

Spin the Yarn you Want
Covering different spinning techniques and why you would want to have each in your spinning arsenal. Including beginning long-draw, arguably, the fastest way to spin.

Spinning Different Breeds
There’s more than one type of sheep?! Different breeds result in vary different yarns and why you would want to spin each.

Spinning Different Fibers
Covering everything from sheep wool, Angora Rabbit, Mohair and so much more!

Fiber Preparation
Getting that wonderful fleece ready for spinning. Everything from skirting & washing to combing & carding.


Learn Cross Stitch

Decorate with one of a kind creations. Learn turn plain fabric into a one of a kind art.

Cross stitch is enjoying a surge in popularity. Learn how to bring a saying or picture patterns to life.

The basics of cross stitch. Including how to follow a chart and create an adorable small picture.


Learn about different fabric choices, adding embellishments, and stitching on clothing.